Posted by: Tushar | March 15, 2006

Flash Messenger

Flash Messenger is one of my experimental projects. Due to some really busy work schedule, was not able to work on it recently.

But now I will be having some free time, so will be spending it on this.

About Flash Messenger:

Flash Messenger is a chat application developed using Flash Communication Server, ASP & Flash.

Do let me know which third party software I can use to create Setup & Exe for this application.

Here are few Screen Captures of the same,

Login Screen

Screen After Logging in

Add Group Window

Posted by: Tushar | March 15, 2006

New Cell Phone

Nokia 6681

Finally, I got a new Smart Phone. Now I have my own Nokia 6681.
This will make my life easy for testing my Flash Lite 2 applications :-)

Posted by: Tushar | March 15, 2006

Blogging Again!

Started blogging again! Now it’s with WordPress :-)

Posted by: Tushar | January 9, 2006

Flash Lite 2 Available…

Good News, Flash Lite 2 is now available!

Quick overview of what’s currently available:

  • Flash Lite 2 Update for Flash Professional 8 Preview Release (allows you to publish Flash Lite 2 content and test in the mobile emulator)
  • Device profile update 2
  • Flash Lite Player 2 download (for supported handsets)


Press Release Note

More Info

I can now build applications for my new Nokia 6681 :-)

Posted by: Tushar | October 15, 2004

Bring Google to your Desktop

Yes, that’s true!

Now Google has a simple application (Beta Version) which will search files on your computer.

Check it out here,

Posted by: Tushar | October 13, 2004

Tips, Tricks for Flash Beginners/Intermediates

Wanna get few Tips & Tricks of Flash?

Wanna join brajeshwar in presentations?

Don’t forget to join the Macromedia Breeze live presentation


Guess what, it’s FREE

You will have to log in with your First and Last name under GUEST

More info

Posted by: Tushar | October 13, 2004

Today is the Election Day

Finally the ‘Election Day’ has come

Today is the Election Day in Maharashtra. Elections for Vidhansabha

This is the only day, we can change the ministry :-)

So if you are in Maharashtra, quickly go and Vote.

Posted by: Tushar | October 12, 2004

Ariaware Optimizer officially released

This Windows-only tool can dramatically reduce the size of your Macromedia Flash web sites and applications (RIAs.)

Get 30 day trial

Bunch of thanks to Aral, Peter, Burak & Tolga

Posted by: Tushar | October 10, 2004

Posting my First Blog Entry


I don’t know how good I will be at Bloging.. but yes fingures a crossed.

Let’s see how this works.

Wish me best of luck :-)

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