Batch-Publish Command For Flash

I’ve developed a ‘Batch-Publish’ Command for Flash. It lets you publish all the Flash files from a folder (provided by user). By selecting ‘Include Sub-Folders’ option will enable you to publish all the Flash files from sub folders also.

Once all Flash files are published a short report will be generated in output window. This report will include:

  • Number of Flash files published (Please note: This number is calculated as per the Read Only files found in folder/s).
  • Full path of Flash files which were not published, as their respective swf files are ‘Read Only’ (Please note: This number is calculated as per the Read Only files found in folder/s).

This command is available on Macromedia Exchange as well. Just search for “Batch-Publish Command” under JSFL catagory.

You can also download it from here.

Give it a try & let me know if it was helpful.
Bugs, comments are invited; send them to

Disclaimer Notice: Use at your own risk 🙂

Update: Added new feature of changing Publish Profile before publishing documents.


About Tushar

Hi, I am Tushar Wadekar from Pune, India. I am an Adobe Certified Flash Developer. My Interests are: Flash, ActionScript, Flex, AIR, PHP, Ruby on Rails. You can reach me at: tusharwadekar[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you! Tushar
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23 Responses to Batch-Publish Command For Flash

  1. kingshuk says:

    Cool :-))

  2. kingshuk says:

    Good One

  3. Michael says:

    The download zip is corrupted. Any chance you can fix it?

  4. Tushar says:


    Try now. Fixed the link.

  5. Jairo says:

    Thanks Tushar for this nice tool. I’m trying to use it with a path like this:


    But it doesn’t accept the \

    What should I do?


  6. Jairo says:

    My bad, it is working. I just replaced the \ for /

    This is great!

    Thanks, you are saving me a lot of time.

  7. Tushar says:

    you are welcome!

  8. Kim says:

    good flash 8 ok?

  9. Michael says:

    Great tool. Would love to pay you to add new features. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks!

  10. lwsanom says:

    I am having a small issue. Say I want to change all the publish settings to one level above where the .fla’s,


    it wont accept the above line, I also tried making it absolute like


    neither work… any ideas?

  11. Tushar says:

    lwsanom, relative path will not work. You will have to give absolute path. For absolute path, what error did you get?

  12. lwsanom says:

    It gave me the same error using absolute,

    Please provide valid Publist Profile. Or uncheck Change Publish Profile Option.

    I tried changing the backslashes(\) to forward slashes(/) but that wasnt the problem..

  13. Tushar says:

    lwsanom, if you are not wanted change the Publish Profile of Flash files, make sure that the ‘Publish Profile Path’ field is empty and make sure that ‘Change Publish Profile’ checkbox is unchecked.

    If you want to change the Publish Profile of Flash files, provide valid path for the Publish Profile (XML) file and select the ‘Change Publish Profile’ checkbox.

  14. lwsanom says:

    Oh it needs to be an xml file? For example… all my fla’s currently have a publish profile set to


    I would like to change them all to


    So I put C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test\EN\media into the publish profile path and check “Change Publish Profile” as well as “Save File”. This is when I get the error, regardless of what is checked or unchecked I get that error if I put my new publish profile path in.

    I guess I dont understand exactly why the Publish Profile Path should point to an xml file?? What exactly should this xml file contain…

  15. Tushar says:

    Path filed is to provide path for the Fla files which you want to publish.

    You can give only this path and hit OK (Make sure that Change Publish Profile check box is not selected).

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  17. Shaun says:

    This is excellent – exactly what I was looking for!

  18. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  19. megan fox says:

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  20. megan fox superman pic says:

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  22. RobbieAlpha says:

    Great little piece of software and one that will save me loads of time.
    One problem though… as its opening all my flash files it doesn’t save and close them. Instead, each file is left open with a save / do not save dialogue box. 10’s of files are open causing Flash to crash.
    Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a way to resolve this.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Nikkie says:

    Hello! I had it working but I had to modify the part where it reads the files with “.fla” extension.

    var availableFla = FLfile.listFolder(currFolder+”*.fla”, “files”);

    Because it doesn’t seem to read an FLAs file name when it has another period in it

    for example filenames like this: “1.2.fla” , “1.1.1.fla”

    Thank you =)

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