Hidden Button Tool

While playing with JSFL, I developed this tool. This tool is useful to create Invisible Buttons (Button with only Hit Area) in Flash.

This MXP includes Hidden Button Tool & Hidden Button Command.

Hidden Button Tool can be used to create rectangular hidden button. For creating hidden buttons of custom shapes, use Hidden Button Command.

Hidden Button Tool has parameter of “Show Hand Cursor”, if it is set to false; the “useHandCursor” property of that particular button will be false.

All the buttons created using this tool/command will be available in “Hidden Buttons” folder in Library.

After installing the MXP file, you will have to customize & add “Hidden Button Tool” your tools panel (Edit > Customize Tools Panel).

Tips, Suggestions, Bugs, Improvements are invited
(send them to tusharwadekar@gmail.com).

Download Hidden Button Tool

Disclaimer Notice: Use at your own risk 🙂


About Tushar

Hi, I am Tushar Wadekar from Pune, India. I am an Adobe Certified Flash Developer. My Interests are: Flash, ActionScript, Flex, AIR, PHP, Ruby on Rails. You can reach me at: tusharwadekar[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you! Tushar
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