Affinitiz is Awesome!

Today, while browsing through the site, I came to know about Affinitiz’s blog publishing application. After trying this out, I can say that this is simply one of the best application done in Flex.

You can view all sort’s of statistics of your blog, can publish over a dozen type of content including, Video, Poll files etc.

Good application!

Btw: Check out my blog on Affinitiz – 


About Tushar

Hi, I am Tushar Wadekar from Pune, India. I am an Adobe Certified Flash Developer. My Interests are: Flash, ActionScript, Flex, AIR, PHP, Ruby on Rails. You can reach me at: tusharwadekar[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you! Tushar
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4 Responses to Affinitiz is Awesome!

  1. Aasim says:

    Yes! Affinitiz does look cool… BTW did u notice that the calendar and the yahoo maps has been done in flex!! its rocking!!

  2. Thanks Tushar for the review!

    For your information, we are a small french start-up created in 2000 (we just launched the english version).
    It took me more than 2 years to develop this plate-form (Flex + ColdFusion + Flash Media Server)…
    The manager app (main app) is indeed a huge Flex app.

    Next week, we are going to release V3.3 with a lot of improvement in terms of processes/ergonomy.

    PS: it’s funny, because I spent more than 1 year in Pune in 1998/99 (I was working with Telco in the CAD/CAM industry)!

  3. Tushar says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Benoit.

    Affinitiz is indeed a great application. Looking forward for the new release!

    Well, it’s surprising to know about the CAD/CAM industry. How was your experience here? Did you like this place?

  4. Yes, it was a great experience for me!
    I miss my Enfield Bullet 350 and good indian food… 😉

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