I am Tushar Wadekar from Pune, India. More info – http://www.scrumalliance.org/community/profile/twadekar2

You can reach me at: tusharwadekar[at]gmail[dot]com



31 Responses to About

  1. Hiraman says:

    Very Proffessional look and feel. Good information on latest Flash Technology.

    Best Luck! 🙂

  2. khalid says:


    i question
    how to make stage resize as this


    thx mate

  3. James says:

    Your article gave me some insight on the RESIZE event, only one problem:

    ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on scrollUnit$iinit(). Expected 1, got 0.

    I read something about setting defaults, but it’s not working either. Oh well.

  4. mjkhan says:

    Dear Tushar, can you tell how to give actions to a button in FlashCS3…? In Flash 8 I could give actions to a button just by right-click and actions, however, I m not able to do the same in CS3.

    Please help!

    MJ Khan

  5. srinivas says:


    I wish to introduce myself as Srinivas , from BIR Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. We have job openings for the positions of Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer for Flex in our development center in Hyderabad.
    We have positions open for Flex programmers working on enterprise level appplications on Java enviornment. Please get back by email if you are interesed. The candidate must possess atleast 3 years of work experience and preferably atleast 1 years in Flex. Exposure to flex charting will be an added advantage.


  6. Pramod says:

    Hi Tushar:
    How amyn years of experience do you have in flex 2.0?
    Do you have any exerience in creating charts (similar to Google financials) using flex?

    We are currently looking for the expert who can help us in this area. We are atlanta based but have development center in Bombay.

    please feel free to call me at any time or may can call you.

    Supra International Inc
    Tel: 770-639-4498

  7. Pramod says:

    Hi Tushar:
    How amyn years of experience do you have in flex 2.0?
    Do you have any exerience in creating charts (similar to Google financials) using flex?

    We are currently looking for the expert who can help us in this area. We are atlanta based but have development center in Bombay..

    please feel free to call me at any time or may can call you.

    Supra International Inc
    Tel: 770-639-4498

  8. Karel Odink says:

    Hi Tushar
    I found a link to you in one of the forums and guess you may have a solution for my question. I cannot find how to change the color of the displayed text on the combobox button or of lists. Thanks for any help.

  9. Karel Odink says:

    found it at last…

  10. Shital says:

    Hello Tushar i m new in Flex.can u tell me how data stored in sql (of richtexteditor)display again in richtexteditor for edit(as it is we saved)

  11. Hi,

    I like your sond and confidense on the Adobe Technology. I am also a Falsh AS2, AS3, Flex, php developer. I think your domian is eLearning. Would you like to friendship.

    I am from Mumbai.

    Prashant K

  12. Manoj Uniyal says:


    I m also a Flash/Flex developer and willing to have certification from Adobe, But i havent found Flash 8 or later in their specialization list.
    How can I register to get certification for flash 8 or later…



  13. Gunjan says:


    I m a flash developer and i mworking with flex as well and I want to get a certification for Flex/Flash 9 but my problem is same…I couldnt find it on their specialization list.

    Please can u suggest something



  14. sachin says:

    hi tushar,
    How can resize an external swf while loading (using loadmovie action) to fit into the current size of the browser. The swf contains a large swf image and I wish it scales itself to fit any browser window. Pls. help!

  15. shawee says:


    I use URLLoader class with load() method who load an XML stream from a PHP file. COMPLETE event launch a fonction, everything works great ! Except one time out of ten…
    WHY ? here s a element of response : I tried the same with a .xml file instead of a PHP stream, and it works ALLWAYS (even with a 1MB .xml). The conclusion is that Flash read an XML stream that the PHP IS SOMETIMES STILL WRITING. So the bug appears. How to avoid that ?
    This is a FlashPHP project where every client action reload an XML stream provded by PHP, ay advices.

    Merci énormément, this is very important.
    Sylvain, Geneva.

  16. Robert says:

    Hi Tushar,

    Are you employed or freelance?

    I’m also based near Zürich and it’d be interesting to get in touch sometime!


  17. shrikant says:

    hey tushar
    hv you ever worked in london or/and marrying
    rupali barod from pune????????

    if yes than contact me.


  18. mahadev says:

    Hi Tushar,
    I am mahadev, working as flash developeri.
    i want to do certification in Flex .
    can u pls suggest me some sites /docs about certification.
    we have worked together in maximize.

  19. bshan says:

    Hi Tushar,

    This is flash issue. (CS3, AS2.0)

    Is there a way to change where the cursor is in an input field? I am trying
    to make the input write right to left in Flash CS3. The requirement is to place the cursor next to last
    character in the box.

    Please help me.


  20. laskan says:

    I am using a datagrid, with a xml data provider. Every time my datagrid shown blank rows at the bottom. How to overcome this? Is there a propery we can set?

  21. Rajeshvar says:

    Hi Laskan,

    You can write following code for datagrid


    dg : id of your datagrid
    myData : your xml data collection / arraycollection

  22. kelly says:

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  23. Tushar Chhaparwal says:

    Hey samename, i do web designing & software development works…….so if u r interested in this field den contact me as u r gud in flash works & demand of flash websites is more nowadayz……. 🙂

  24. hi can u help me.

    i have to implement pan and zoom effect in flex.what should i do achieve something like that http://slideshowpro.net/examples/pan_zoom .I have tried a lot but not reached to get smoothness of images like this slideshow.
    plz reply asap.

  25. helpmikey says:

    May i know here did you get ur certification in Flash actionscript Developer. ? …..
    Thanks you…

  26. chetan sharma says:

    I have a good knowledge\exprience in Flash\Flex development, basically i am doing in eLearning domain.

    nice to see your explorer.

  27. Hi Tushar,

    What is the best alternative to Java Script – Flash calls to .Net? I mean flash calling javascript methods that is calling .net functions.

    Webservices is the right choice?

    Your reply is appreciated.


  28. Rameshkumar says:

    I am working in Agnite Education Ltd as a flash developer.

  29. paddy says:

    the fraud teledata company .. r u getting salary or screws..

  30. sneha says:

    can u tel me how to create custom event in action script 3

  31. Artem says:

    Good stuff! Thanks for your job!

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