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Flex 3 Auto-Resize TextInput Control? How?

Here is a quick solution to add Auto-Size functionality to TextInput control in Flex 3. AutoSizeTextInput.class Usage in MXML: Not sure if this method is perfect! Do let me know if there is any better way to implement this 🙂 … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3: Using URLLoader to send and load server variables

Here is a very simple example of two way communication with database using Flex and PHP. In this example, we are sending username and password to the PHP file from Flex. PHP file then validates the input and returns the … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3: Creating custom event handlers using EventDispatcher

Creating custom event handlers in ActionScript 3 is pretty much simple. Here is a simple example which loads an image and fires a custom event named “onImageLoad” as soon as image is loaded. Class Now in Flash, create a … Continue reading

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