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Flex 3 Auto-Resize TextInput Control? How?

Here is a quick solution to add Auto-Size functionality to TextInput control in Flex 3. AutoSizeTextInput.class Usage in MXML: Not sure if this method is perfect! Do let me know if there is any better way to implement this 🙂 … Continue reading

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AS3 FlexNativeMenu and dataprovider

Yesterday I faced an issue with FlexNativeMenu (popup menu) and its dataprovider. Looks like, FlexNativeMenu does not recognize the changes made to dataprovider. Situation: I was wanted to disable the menu item based on the Label (clicking which I am … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3: Creating custom event handlers using EventDispatcher

Creating custom event handlers in ActionScript 3 is pretty much simple. Here is a simple example which loads an image and fires a custom event named “onImageLoad” as soon as image is loaded. Class Now in Flash, create a … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3: Serializing Classes using registerClassAlias

In previous article “Component and SharedObject Example” we’ve seen how to store simple variables in Local Shared Object. But, what if you want to store a custom class objects in Shared Object? You can use registerClassAlias() to do so. … Continue reading

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Action Script 3: Component and SharedObject Example

Here is a simple tutorial on using prebuilt AS3 components and SharedObject. Class soExample: Now, create object of soExample and pass movieclip reference (in which all the components will be added at runtime) as parameter: Note: Be sure to add … Continue reading

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Action Script 3: Resize SWF on Browser resize

  Accessing Stage object was pretty simple in previous versions of Action Script. However, it’s little different in Action Script 3. Sprits (movie clip) have property named stage (notice small “s”). One can use this property to access the Stage … Continue reading

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Free ActionScript 3 Videos

Just a quick post. If you are looking for some free Flash ActionScript 3 videos, check out Wikivid. Direct link for the AS 3 videos:

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