Affinitiz is Awesome!

Today, while browsing through the site, I came to know about Affinitiz’s blog publishing application. After trying this out, I can say that this is simply one of the best application done in Flex.

You can view all sort’s of statistics of your blog, can publish over a dozen type of content including, Video, Poll files etc.

Good application!

Btw: Check out my blog on Affinitiz – 

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What a Sunday!

These days, we are enjoying awesome climate here at Pune. Rainy season is on!

Here is the picture I took when rain was stopped for about an hour.

Sunday Evening

Nice, rainy, cool, pleasant Sunday evening…

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Flash, Savour of the Mobile Universe?

Nice article!

Check out Mobile Marketing Magazine’s view on why Flash is one of the important player in Mobile Devices when it comes to rich mobile experience. Here is the link. Good news for Flash Lite Developers 🙂

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Want to create Poll? try Tezaa!


If you want to create your own poll, go to Tezaa. It’s simple, fast & free!
Tezaa is an online community that is driven by polls. Any member can create, modify and participate in a poll.

iTWire has posted an article on Tezaa, check it out here.

More Info: About Tezaa, Tezaa Blog

So, who is the man behind Tezza?
As usual, my good friend Shalin has come up with a brilliant idea!

I’ve created my own poll, do post your votes 🙂

Do you like Tezaa?

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Hidden Button Tool

While playing with JSFL, I developed this tool. This tool is useful to create Invisible Buttons (Button with only Hit Area) in Flash.

This MXP includes Hidden Button Tool & Hidden Button Command.

Hidden Button Tool can be used to create rectangular hidden button. For creating hidden buttons of custom shapes, use Hidden Button Command.

Hidden Button Tool has parameter of “Show Hand Cursor”, if it is set to false; the “useHandCursor” property of that particular button will be false.

All the buttons created using this tool/command will be available in “Hidden Buttons” folder in Library.

After installing the MXP file, you will have to customize & add “Hidden Button Tool” your tools panel (Edit > Customize Tools Panel).

Tips, Suggestions, Bugs, Improvements are invited
(send them to

Download Hidden Button Tool

Disclaimer Notice: Use at your own risk 🙂

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JSFL: library.itemExists Bug?

library.itemExists method fails to understand the character (upper/lower case) difference.

As per the documentation, this method returns “true” if the specified item exists in the library & “false” otherwise.

Create a folder named “MovieClips” in the Library & try following code:
Notice that all characters are same. Only difference is the string is in small case.

It returns false! & if you try to create folder using following code, it silently fails.

However if you manually try to create folder using Library Panel, you will get an error message “The name “movieclips” is already taken. Please use a different name.

Here is the JSFL code I am using:
// JSFL Script
var doc;
var folderName = “MovieClips”
// Initialization
function init() {
doc = fl.getDocumentDOM();
if (doc != null) {
var lib = doc.library;
fl.trace(‘Success. ‘+folderName+’ created.’);
} else {
fl.trace(‘Error. ‘+folderName+’ already exists.’);
} else {
fl.trace(‘Error. You must open a FLA file first.’);
// End Script

Any comments?

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Batch-Publish Command For Flash

I’ve developed a ‘Batch-Publish’ Command for Flash. It lets you publish all the Flash files from a folder (provided by user). By selecting ‘Include Sub-Folders’ option will enable you to publish all the Flash files from sub folders also.

Once all Flash files are published a short report will be generated in output window. This report will include:

  • Number of Flash files published (Please note: This number is calculated as per the Read Only files found in folder/s).
  • Full path of Flash files which were not published, as their respective swf files are ‘Read Only’ (Please note: This number is calculated as per the Read Only files found in folder/s).

This command is available on Macromedia Exchange as well. Just search for “Batch-Publish Command” under JSFL catagory.

You can also download it from here.

Give it a try & let me know if it was helpful.
Bugs, comments are invited; send them to

Disclaimer Notice: Use at your own risk 🙂

Update: Added new feature of changing Publish Profile before publishing documents.

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